Pamper your prized possession! 

Re-Vagination is UP Spa’s exclusive external treatment and your token to beautiful skin in the pelvic area. Included with every service is a personal skin consultation with one of our New York State Licensed Estheticians, followed by a series of protocol skin care regiment created to give you clear glowing skin! Each treatment will vary depending on the individual needs of each client and their skin.


Designed to clear up all the dead skin cells and remove surface ingrowns! We begin with a double cleanse followed by a deep exfoliating mask. After slothing away all dead cells we open up your pores with a warm sanitized towel and perform extractions to clear out all the build up that may be causing ingrown hairs from the root! Next a refreshing bubble serum tones your skin and restores ph balance! Finally we end with a rubberizing enzyme mask and all natural moisturizer!



This vagacial begins with a Brazilian wax using our special "hard wax" which is all natural, stripless and less painful than traditional waxing! It's high quality shrink wraps around the hair to remove it directly from the root! Enjoy all of the essentials included in our "Clean Her UP" plus a Brazilian wax to reveal clear skin. Now that's an UP-grade!





Everyone's skin is different in the pelvic area... some people suffer from acne, skin discoloration, extremely dry skin, and/or excessive ingrown hairs just to name a few issues amongst a list many! This vagacial is designed to target skin issues that require more than just a mask. During this treatment, we implement the necessary tools and techniques to heal you back to healthy skin!

HEAL HER UP - $200


Enjoy the UP Spa experience with a scalp massage and hot towel treatment, while steam infused with herbs and essential oils cleanse and nourish your vaginal tissues, cervix, and uterus. Rejuvenation indeed!


Treat your pores from the root.
These masks were created for use directly after a wax for maximum results.

Removes toxins and excess oil in the skin, tightens pores, and helps prevent discoloration.

Great for sensitive skin. Calms the skin and removes build-up in the pores.

24K Gold Collagen Mask $40
Softens the damaged skin cells, removes toxins, infuses skin with collagen and nutrients leaving skin supple, clean and glowing!